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      Scientist – upstream

      發布時間:2021-03-17  /  瀏覽次數:130 次
      • 工作地點: 上海
      • 招聘人數: 1人
      • 工作經歷: 4-8年

      Provide technical expertise and leadership in planning, designing and conducting experiments, analyzing data and documenting results towards development and optimization upstream processes and/or achieving goals for cross functional development teams.

      Work with minimal supervision, analyze and interpret data, and present/document the results at meetings, Provide reports and prepare scientific presentations as needed. Write/revise batch records and technical reports.

      Play a lead role in maintaining group awareness of relevant scientific literature and new technologies. Participate/ lead evaluation of new technologies and their potential application. Maintain substantial knowledge of state-of-the art principles and theories and contribute knowledge base through literature review, conferences attendance and publication

      Provide technical coaching (matrix management) of junior staff members to high performance by providing mentoring, training and appropriate supervision in process development activities. Participate in management in terms of resource planning, project management, etc.


      Ph.D./MS/BS in Chemical/Biochemical Engineering or related fields.

      Ph.D. with 4+ years, MS with 6+ years or BS with 8+ years of experience related to cell culture and fermentation process development, scale-up and tech transfer to cGMP manufacturing facility in biotechnology, pharmaceutical or related environment. Proven record of technical leadership. Proven ability to work in a fast paced environment with demonstrated capacity to juggle multiple competing tasks and demands.

      Have excellent knowledge and experience with mammalian cell culture/fermentation process development, process scale-up, scale-down, and tech transfer. Have experience in design-of-experiment and the ability to analyze and interpret data collected

      Embrace and demonstrate teamwork/collaboration and the ability to communicate appropriately and effectively

      Be customer focused, results oriented, science driven

      Have the attitude to proactively learn new technologies and manage changes in process development and process scale-up

      Have some supervising experience and leadership aptitude.

      Have experience in cGMP working environments is a plus.


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