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      Senior Scientist – Downstream Purification

      發布時間:2021-03-17  /  瀏覽次數:68 次
      • 工作地點: 上海
      • 招聘人數: 1人
      • 工作經歷: 5-8年

      This position will serve as a technical expert with extensive knowledge of advanced principles, theories and concepts in the area of purification. The Senior Scientist will have a broad knowledge of protein purification and will incorporate the best of industry practices into daily work.

      Initiate, design, execute and implement purification development for therapeutic protein programs

      Development of robust, scalable, cost effective and well-characterized processes for purification of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins, including improvement of platform purification processes

      Provide technical advice of purification process development, supervise research associates to perform bench scale to pilot scale production to demonstrate process performance

      Work with minimal supervision, analyze and interpret data, and present/document the results at meetings, Provide reports and prepare scientific presentations as needed. Write/revise batch records and technical reports.

      Interact with senior members of the other functional groups including those in Upstream Process, Analytical Development, Quality people.

      Provide technical advice and guidance to the purification group; evaluate and incorporate the best practices into the work setting


      The candidate must have strong technical knowledge and substantial hands-on experience on recombinant protein and antibody purification process development in the industry and have deep understanding about different aspects of purification process development.

      Good experimental design skills (e.g.DOE) is a requirement. Ability to critically analyze data using statistical tools and to compile technical reports

      Comfortable with a team effort approach in solving technical problems and also be able to contribute with independent thinking

      Effective oral and written communication skills are essential, evidence of effective supervisory skills is required.

      Demonstrated ability of innovative thinking and problem solving based upon sound scientific principles and logic reasoning

      Experience with process technical transfer from development into cGMP manufacturing is highly desired, preferably having some tech support experience at commercial scale

      Previous working experience in CRO/CMO setting is desired, experience with customer is highly preferred

      Understanding of the Drug Discovery process and the application of QbD principles are highly desirable.

      Good cGMP knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry is preferred

      Familiarity with mammalian, microbial and yeast protein expression is a plus

      Education and experience requirements:
      PhD in a scientific discipline and a minimum of 5 years’ progressive experience or an MS with 8+ years’ progressive experience in biopharmaceutical purification process development

      Excellent knowledge of scientific principles and concepts is also required


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