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      Research associate – Downstream purification

      發布時間:2021-03-17  /  瀏覽次數:80 次
      • 工作地點: 上海
      • 招聘人數: 1人
      • 工作經歷: 2年

      Essential requirements for this position include an in-depth understanding and hands-on experience with recombinant protein purification from different expression hosts (including E.coli and Yeast) and an aptitude for careful, detail-oriented experimentation.

      Work with scientists to develop robust, efficient, scalable strategies for recombinant/antibody protein process, perform trouble-shoot if needed.

      Execute purification work and maintain legible and detailed work documentation. Must be able to work independently and as a part of a team.

      Demonstrate ability to work effectively in teams, both within the group and cross-functionally

      Analyze data, form conclusions, and communicate results to scientists and team members

      Prepare internally reviewed technical reports, make oral presentations to scientists and management, and publish externally.


      A bachelor or MS degree in Biochemistry or a related field

      2+ years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry

      Experience with ion exchange, size exclusion, hydrophobic, and affinity chromatography with AKTA purification systems

      Proficiency with protein assay, gel electrophoresis, western blotting

      Excellent verbal and written skills

      Preferred Qualifications:
      Knowledge of fermentation process

      Familiarity with HPLC systems


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