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      Research associate / Associate Scientist – Analytical Development

      發布時間:2021-03-17  /  瀏覽次數:140 次
      • 工作地點: 上海
      • 招聘人數: 1人
      • 工作經歷: 2-4年

      Develop and perform HPLC methods (including RP, SEC, IEX etc.) for bio-process development and support purpose

      Develop and perform analytical test methods such as electrophoresis, ELISA, Endotoxin and contration assay

      Complies with applicable SOPs

      Maintains accurate records of experiments and results in laboratory notebook.

      Demonstrates the ability to present results in both oral and written reports in internal and external meetings

      Writes protocols and technical reports, ensures adherence to high technical standards and compliance with applicable regulatory guidelines


      A BS, MS in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, or related discipline with applicable industrial experience.

      Minimum Experience: 4+ years (Bachelors); 2+ years (Masters)

      Knowledge of HPLC and other analytical techniques are required

      The ability to work in a fast pace environment, manage priorities, and maintain timelines for multiple projects is required.

      A basic knowledge of GMP is very helpful.


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